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From online lead forms to GPS tracking on move day, Supermove helps you make moving more delightful for everyone.

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"We're saving time, money, and effort. My crew no longer makes math mistakes and it's just easy."


"Fantastic in one word. I would not want to operate my moving company without this program."


"Supermove is a very intuitive system. With user steps that make sense, you are able to navigate through a whole new system without a lot of training."

Hundreds of business owners trust Supermove to help them grow their moving business

Key features

CRM system

Quickly and easily add move and contact details to the database and see the status of any move. Streamline data entry between sales and coordinators and see all historical moves in one place.

Long-distance dispatch

Plan your long distance moves as easily as your local ones. Assign drivers and see weight/compensation metrics per trip.

Digital document

All the digital documents you need to run your business– everything from valuation coverage and bills of lading to equipment, materials, and billing.

Crew management & assignment

Assign a crew to a move in a few clicks. Dispatchers can assign crew members to a job based on their availability.

Storage management

Accurately forecast warehouse capacity, and say goodbye to disjointed systems.

Daily, weekly, and monthly calendars

See all upcoming moves in one simple view so you can plan and organize your time and crew.

Email automation

Automatically remind customers of their upcoming move with automated emails, or send ad-hoc message to the customer at any time via the app.

Real-time performance reporting

Reports let you quickly see what’s working and what’s not, and easily make decisions to improve business performance.

Frequently asked questions

Have questions about Supermove moving software? Here are some of our most commonly asked ones. If you need further help, please reach out via the Contact Us page, and one of our advisors will be more than happy to get you moving.

What is Supermove?

Supermove is web-based software designed specifically to help moving and storage companies sell more moves, easily manage jobs and people, and stop wasting time on endless paperwork.

What are the benefits of using Supermove?

Supermove helps you grow revenue, decrease overhead, make data-driven decisions and manage your reputation by going paperless and getting organized..

Can I use Supermove on an Android tablet?

Definitely, we highly recommend an Android tablet. It's sturdy and great value.

What features does Supermove offer?

Supermove offers a suite of apps to help manage different aspects of your business, such as lead capture, reporting, digital bills of lading, time tracking, and billing.

How does Supermove help moving companies save time and money?

 Supermove's cloud-based software allows for easy access to all your information at all times, eliminates paperwork in the field, and provides a way to organize and manage your moving business.

I'm a van line agent, can I still use Supermove?

Yes! We have many customers who are also van line agents. Your interstate move information would stay in the van line software, but everything else would be handled in Supermove.

What kind of support does Supermove offer?

Supermove offers industry-leading support with the best customer success team in the industry, and provides 99.9% uptime for the app.

How can I see Supermove in action?

You can book a demo or take a tour of Supermove by visiting the website and clicking on the "Book a Demo '' or "Free Tour" button, you can also contact us to arrange a call.

Is Supermove a web-based system?

Yes! It's 2023, shouldn't everything be online and web-based? Pull up our website on any browser (phone, laptop, computer) and work from anywhere.

Do you offer payments processing?

 Of course, we offer our own payment processing with very competitive rates. Some Supermove customers are saving thousands of dollars per month by switching to Supermove Payments.

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