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How to use the calculator

In column B, the calculator lists the most important ROI use cases for increasing revenue, cutting costs, and reducing risk:

Improving revenue
  • Improve lead conversion
  • Increase average contract value
  • Add additional jobs per month
Reducing risk
  • Correct math mistakes
Cutting costs
  • Paper cost savings
  • Hours saved (more time to sell)
  • Saving on hiring (headcount)

In column C, you will find the attainable gains with SaaS software. These are the average stats realized for all customers after using Supermove. For instance, on average, customers using Supermove can expect a lead conversion increase of 5-10%, an average contract value increase of 4-8%, and a paper cost saving of 50-100%.

But your moving business is unique, so you’ll need to provide numbers that are realistic/attainable for you based on your current state (column E). A ballpark is fine; this isn’t an exact science. Just remember it's better to remain conservative than be too aggressive with your numbers.

Your current numbers will include the following annual figures:
  • How much money is wasted correcting math mistakes
  • How much you spend on paper
  • How much you spend on hires
  • Current lead conversion figures
  • Current contract value
  • Value of wasted hours
  • The current value of additional jobs

The calculator will then determine the total cash flow you can realize from revenue increases and cost savings after factoring in the services and software investment in Supermove.

Note: If you need help determining suitable gains for your business and your current annual numbers, feel free to reach out to Supermove. It is far easier to make these calculations when working with a technology partner who has years of experience.

ROI Calculator for Moving Software

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