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Supermove is the only moving software that works across your whole company to boost revenue, control costs, and create better customer experiences.

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How does Supermove stack against CompuMove


1. Highly configurable system and easy to use software

2. AI and automation capabilities built into software

3.Strong customer support via call, email, text available across all tiers

4. Robust reporting functionality

5. Cloud based software and mobile/tablet optimized

6. Dedicated app for your crews

7. Modern solution that consistently innovates with new tools for movers.


1. Very complex system that requires a sharp learning curve

2. Limited reporting features and dashboards available

3. Good customer support via email and phone

4. Cloud based software and mobile optimized

5. Limited training, implementation and onboarding support

6. Legacy system built in 1984 and requires customizations


Get software that takes customers from lead to 5-star reviews, only from Supermove

Supermove is the only moving software that works across your whole company to boost revenue, control costs, and create better customer experiences.

Supermove for sales teams

Book moves faster, communicate more efficiently, and boost revenue by 10% with Supermove’s CRM for moving companies.

  • Seamlessly capture customer information from various lead sources in Supermove– no double entry required.
  • Automate repetitive tasks like sending confirmation emails to save hours in your week.
  • Compete effectively to win moves over your competitors.

Supermove for dispatch and scheduling

Optimize capacity to book more jobs without burning out your crew.

  • Effortlessly see capacity.
  • Use all crews and trucks effectively, with daily, weekly, and monthly calendar views.
  • See employee schedules, assign trucks and movers to a job, and schedule automatic text reminders for movers with all the job information.
  • Last minute crew change? No problem. Update crews with just one click.

Supermove for crews

Make move day seamless for customers and crews with Supermove’s mobile app.

  • Use the tablet app to see all the jobs assigned for the day– no more printing out bills of lading.
  • Your customers get an Uber-like live link to follow along with their movers.
  • Crews can indicate when they arrive at the origin location, use the app to walk customers through a digital bill of lading, fill out timesheets and automatically calculate all job expenses, including drive time, materials, and tax.
  • Customers can even sign off, tip, and pay right in the app, with Supermove Payments. Supermove customers have seen crew tip rates go up 100% by using the app.

Supermove for accounting.

Get a full financial control center.

  • Automatically calculate payroll & costs.
  • Automatically update Quickbooks .
  • Automatically invoice for storage projects.
  • Easily calculate payroll, and adjust books to make sure everything is correct

Supermove for owners

Get access to all your information in real-time, eliminate paperwork in the field, and save time so you can focus on scaling, with Supermove’s cloud-based moving software.

  • Easily see business performance at-a-glance to make real-time decisions. with accurate, impactful, and easy-to-understand reports.
  • Real-time understanding of profitability, not just revenue
  • Track exactly how effective your sales and marketing efforts are.
  • Identify your highest and best income streams and see your best referral streams.

Supermove for coordinators

No more digging through filing cabinets to find job info– find and edit job information instantly and easily.

  • Sort, filter, and tag jobs
  • Easily editing job information
  • Get instantly notified about changes to a job
  • Set up automated workflows to save hours in your day.
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