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Busy season is winding down, but movers agree that 2023 has been slower than expected. With four months still on the books, it’s not too late to go back to school for advanced learning on 3 business-critical subjects.

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Everything you need to manage 5-10 trucks, right out of the box.

It’s time to up-level your skillset for a powerful comeback.

Moving 101 doesn’t cut it today. Thousands of movers are looking for ways to learn advanced strategies that could turn around the 2023 slowdown.

What will you learn in 3 weeks (for free)?

  1. Finance: Get your numbers in check to ensure you're making money on every move
  2. Sales: Tap into channels you're not using today to grow revenue
  3. Operations: Automate systems and process you do manually today to decrease costs

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Course Outline
What you get in this course:
Course Week #1: Finance for Moving Companies
📺 Measuring profitability: Tracy Bech from 60 Minute CFO covers:
  • How to understand the three ratios that measure the profitability of your moving business
  • Know the difference between direct and indirect expenses 
  • Learn five proven ways to increase your profitability today
BONUS CONTENT: A reference guide to complement the video you can share with your    Accounting & Office teams
Course Week #2: Sales for Moving Companies
📺 8 Sales Tips Movers Cannot Ignore, featuring former Moving Sales Exec Ryan Marsh:
  • How to think about diversifying your sales channels, including examples
  • A key trend that shapes how the next generation of consumers select movers 
  • Learn how to maximize your repeat customers through this program
  • + 5 more trade tips
BONUS CONTENT: 10 moving companies you need to follow on social media (for your inspiration)
Course Week #3: Operations for Moving Companies
📃 The Key Processes & Systems to Update to Unlock Efficiency & Cost Savings
  • The simple processes that will boost your lead to move booked conversion rate
  • How to update your move day process so you get paid fast and your crews get tipped well
  • An efficient way to manage estimates so you book more moves
  • + more additional process recommendations

This might be the easiest move you’ll ever make.

Smiling mover holding a box outside a moving truck