Get organized and grow your business with modern moving software

Supermove benefits every employee of your company. From sales to the office staff, and from the crew to the CEO, Supermove has you (and your team) covered.

Supermove Essentials
Everything you need to manage your moves, right out of the box.
Crew Portal & App
Supermove Billing Engine
Long Distance Trip Planning
Estimator App
Customer GPS
Move Calendars
Document Templates
Email Integration
Stripe + Quickbooks integration
Contact a Product Expert
Supermove Pro
Customizable professional packages for larger moving companies.
Includes everything in Essentials plus:
Fully customizable workflows
Implementation support
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Priority customer support
Contact a Product Expert
Supermove Storage
Everything you need to manage 5-10 trucks, right out of the box.
Supermove Features
Billing Engine
Say goodbye to math mistakes. Automatically calculate bills and tariffs.

Cost and Compensation

Get a clear view of revenue and cost on a move and easily calculate the total profit made.

Crew Assignment

Assign a crew to a move in a few clicks. Dispatchers can assign crew members to a job based on their availability.

Crew Payments

Process secure payments as soon as the move is complete. Keep all payment information in Supermove as a system of record.

Crew Photos
Capture photos of damage and other additional move information on move day.
Crew Portal on Mobile
Easily manage crew schedules and give crew members full visibility into upcoming work. Movers can set their availability, view upcoming moves, trips assigned to them etc.
Never have a lead fall through the cracks again. Quickly and easily add move and contact details to the database and see the status of any move. Streamline data entry between sales and coordinators and see all historical moves in one place.
Custom Documents
Create all the custom documents you need to run your business– everything from valuation coverage and bills of lading to equipment, materials, and billing.
Customer texts and emails
Automatically remind customers of their upcoming move with automated emails, or send ad-hoc message to the customer at any time via the app.
Equipment/Material Tracking
Easily track equipment and material use.
Estimator App
Save time by surveying a customer's property in advance. The app automatically calculates square footage and weight.
Long Distance Trip Planning
Plan your long distance moves as easily as your local ones. Assign drivers and see weight/compensation metrics per trip.
Move Calendar
See all upcoming moves in one simple view so you can plan and organize your time and crew.
Multi Brand / Location Function
Have more than one location? No problem. Supermove lets you assign crew between various locations.
Online Instant Quoting
Embed a form on your website to capture customer move information. The info is passed directly into Supermove, meaning you won't miss another quote again.
Post Move Review Funnel
Increase your reviews and boost your great reputation by setting up automatic emails asking for reviews as soon as a move is complete.
Quickbooks Integration
Connect Supermove to Quickbooks to seamlessly manage accounting.
Supermove Payments
Process payments quickly, easily, and for less directly in Supermove.
Uber/Lyft Like GPS
Give customers full visibility into where their stuff is on move day. This means no more last-minute phone calls to the office asking where their movers are.
Vanline Integration
Connect Supermove to UniGroup to see long-distance moves on your Supermove Calendar.
Virtual Walkthrough
Capture a customer's inventory without leaving the office. The customer get a link from Supermove and adds their information including photos and video of their space.
Set up custom processes to make your day easier⁠— automatically send emails, auto-generate tasks, mark tasks as complete, and more.

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? Here are some of our most commonly asked ones. If you need further help, please reach out via the Contact Us page, and one of our advisors will be more than happy to get you moving.

How does Supermove help me go paperless?

No more paper bills of lading. Each crew gets a tablet so that all of the move information is in one place. Your customer signs a digital receipt and receives it instantly.

Is Supermove web-based software?

Yes! Pull up our software on any browser (phone, laptop, desktop computer) and access your info anytime, anywhere.

Can I use Supermove on an Android tablet?

Definitely, we highly recommend an Android tablet. It's sturdy and great value.

What accounting platforms does Supermove work with?

We work with all accounting platforms but automatically sync with Quickbooks Online.

I see that Supermove integrates with Stripe. Can I continue to use Square?

Of course, and many of our customers continue using whatever payment processor is best for them. We partner with Stripe who does have competitive rates.

I'm a van line agent, can I still use Supermove?

Yes! We have many customers who are also van line agents. Your interstate move information would stay in the van line software, but everything else would be handled in Supermove.

What is Supermove’s pricing structure like?

Supermove is software-as-a-service (SaaS), and we charge a monthly licensing fee similar to Netflix or any other subscription service you use. This is typically charged quarterly of annually. Get in touch with us for more information on pricing.

How many users can we add to Supermove?

Unlike other moving software companies, we don't limit you by office users. You only pay for the crews that you need.

What types of moves does Supermove support?

Supermove is able to support most move types including, residential, interstate, intrastate, commercial, and military. Contact us to find out if Supermove is a good fit for the types of moves you conduct.

Does Supermove work outside the United States?

While the software works outside of the US, our software is based in US dollars and the imperial measurement system.

This might be the easiest move you’ll ever make.

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