Storage management  & invoicing software for movers

Easily manage your warehouse in Supermove. Track containers, invoice customers, and process payments, right in the app.

Tracking storage digitally

Keeping inventory information up to date and accurate is critical for moving companies.

Accurately forecast warehouse capacity, and say goodbye to disjointed systems.

Supermove’s storage feature creates an end-to-end solution for your moving and storage business. Unlike other available solutions, Supermove customers will be able to track containers, manage customer storage projects, send invoices, and process payments alongside all your other move information, right in the Supermove app.

Key software features

Industry Leading Support

Warehouse management

With Supermove, your office and warehouse teams get a centralized database with up-to-date information on the location of inventory in the warehouse so they can easily track the location of customers’ belongings.

99.9% Uptime

Customer storage projects

Say goodbye to separate systems to manage a single customer experience– you can now easily track, manage and retrieve customer information and inventory, and manage storage projects alongside moves, right in Supermove.

Moving Software Innovation

Invoicing and payments

Create and send recurring invoices and receive payment through Supermove; you no longer have to manually create and send invoices every month.

Matt's Moving
Automation Boosts Revenue for Multiple Services at Matt's Moving

"By using automation we are able to improve our upsells and book more revenue since we automate reminders to customers about our other services once they book their move with us"

Case Study
Courtesy Moving & Storage
Supermove makes moving fast and easy

"I'm saving 2-3 hours a day. Working with the team at Supermove is so enjoyable, they make it so easy and simple. They are client-centered software geniuses!"

Case Study
One Big Man, One Big Truck
Little training required. Just ask Fred!

"We've found their software to require very little training and their staff really responsive and helpful. We highly recommend Supermove."

Case Study
ABC Moving Systems
Supermove takes out the guess work

"We're saving time, money, and effort. My crew no longer makes math mistakes and it's just easy."

Case Study
Dose Moving and Storage
How Dose Moving automated paperwork to unlock growth

"In the beginning years, I felt bogged down from all of the different tasks of running a company. There was always so much paperwork. Once I started using Supermove, I was able to save 10+ hours each week."

Founder and CEO
Case Study

This might be the easiest move you’ll ever make.

Movers carrying boxes from a home to a truck