Refer a friend program

Invite your network to check out a demo of Supermove. We’ll pay you 10% of the first year’s contract value for a referral that becomes a customer.

How Does it Work

1. Join the program
Sign up for the program to receive your unique referral link.
2. Send them your link
Refer a friend to a demo by sending them your link. Once they sign up for a demo, our team will reach out to get a date set.
3. Check in
If your referral signs up as a Supermove customer, you will get 10% of the first year's annual contract value.
4. Earn rewards
Continue referring and the rewards will add up!

The Fine Print

Referral must own or manage a moving company or be the decision-maker for software purchasing in the company.
To read the full terms and conditions, visit this link here

Have questions? Contact our customer referral program manager: