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Seamlessly manage your jobs, movers, and customers on a single moving platform that grows with your business– for less. Book a demo to learn more.

All-in-one software that helps you go paperless,
get organized & scale your moving business.

Make lead generation and sales fully digital

  • Create a seamless customer experience, without all the paperwork.
  • Add a Supermove form to your website to capture leads straight into the system.
  • See all your pending move requests so you can follow up with leads quickly.
  • See all customer communication in one place. Contact the customer and schedule automated reminders right from the app.
in home survey app screen

Create easy, digital estimates

  • Use LiveSwitch Contact along with Supermove’s virtual cube sheet to quickly and easily survey your customer’s home.
  • Add rooms and items, calculate square footage and weight, and automatically provide a move estimate.
  • Send a quote to the customer with inventory review sign-off, valuation options, and customizable terms and conditions.
  • With e-signatures, customers can sign from desktop or mobile.

Make scheduling, dispatch, and communication a breeze

  • Say goodbye to messy whiteboards and Post-It notes.
  • See all project and job information at-a-glance, including customer information, move information, inventory sheets, and proposals.
  • Never lose track of upcoming work, with daily, weekly and monthly calendars and scheduling views.
  • See employee schedules, assign trucks and movers to a job, and schedule automatic text reminders for movers with all the job information. 
mover crew dispatch section

Give your crews superpowers with Supermove’s Crew App

  • No more printing out paper bills of lading or losing track of crews on move day. Supermove’s tablet app gives you and your crew full visibility into the day’s jobs.
  • Crews can use the app to see all the jobs assigned for the day. 
  • Once the crew is on their way, customers get a live link to follow along their route, which means no more last-minute phone calls to the office asking where their movers are.
  • Crews can indicate when they arrive at the origin location, use the app to walk customers through a digital bill of lading, fill out timesheets and automatically calculate all job expenses, including drive time, materials, and tax. 

Keep your finger on the pulse of your business

  • Reports let you quickly see what’s working and what’s not, and easily make decisions to improve business performance.
  • Track exactly how effective your sales and marketing efforts are.
  • Identify your highest and best income streams and see your best referral streams.
  • See how many hours crews have worked based on time sheets.  
moving software sales dashboard

How do Supermove and LiveSwitch Contact work together?

  1. Use LiveSwitch to perform a super fast virtual survey. When used with Supermove’s digital cube sheet, this creates a super efficient way to conduct virtual surveys accurately. 
  2. Copy the LiveSwitch completed survey link and attach it to the Supermove job for complete crew and office visibility. 
  3. Use LiveSwitch video to check in on your Supermove crews and customer, or in the event of a claim. 
  4. Document pre and post move damage with fast, easy video recording.

Customer testimonials

"In the beginning years, I felt bogged down from all of the different tasks of running a company. There was always so much paperwork. Once I started using Supermove, I was able to save 10+ hours each week."


Founder and CEO
Dose Moving and Storage
"Before Supermove, the booking process was extremely manual. We're now able to have customers book on their own through our website even at 2 or 3 in the morning. In a sense, we're now making money while we sleep."


General Manager
Affordable Moving
"We've found their software to require very little training and their staff really responsive and helpful. We highly recommend Supermove."


One Big Man, One Big Truck
"I'm saving 2-3 hours a day. Working with the team at Supermove is so enjoyable, they make it so easy and simple. They are client-centered software geniuses!"


Courtesy Moving & Storage
"We're saving time, money, and effort. My crew no longer makes math mistakes and it's just easy."


ABC Moving Systems
"By using automation we are able to improve our upsells and book more revenue since we automate reminders to customers about our other services once they book their move with us"


Matt's Moving

Frequently asked questions

Have questions about Supermove moving software? Here are some of our most commonly asked ones.

What is Supermove?

Supermove is web-based software designed specifically to help moving and storage companies sell more moves, easily manage jobs and people, and stop wasting time on endless paperwork.

What are the benefits of using Supermove?

Supermove helps you grow revenue, decrease overhead, make data-driven decisions and manage your reputation by going paperless and getting organized..

Can I use Supermove on an Android tablet?

Definitely, we highly recommend an Android tablet. It's sturdy and great value.

What features does Supermove offer?

Supermove offers a suite of apps to help manage different aspects of your business, such as lead capture, reporting, digital bills of lading, time tracking, and billing.

How does Supermove help moving companies save time and money?

 Supermove's cloud-based software allows for easy access to all your information at all times, eliminates paperwork in the field, and provides a way to organize and manage your moving business.

I'm a van line agent, can I still use Supermove?

Yes! We have many customers who are also van line agents. Your interstate move information would stay in the van line software, but everything else would be handled in Supermove.

What kind of support does Supermove offer?

Supermove offers industry-leading support with the best customer success team in the industry, and provides 99.9% uptime for the app.

How can I see Supermove in action?

You can book a demo or take a tour of Supermove by visiting the website and clicking on the "Book a Demo '' or "Free Tour" button, you can also contact us to arrange a call.

Is Supermove a web-based system?

Yes! It's 2023, shouldn't everything be online and web-based? Pull up our website on any browser (phone, laptop, computer) and work from anywhere.

Do you offer payments processing?

 Of course, we offer our own payment processing with very competitive rates. Some Supermove customers are saving thousands of dollars per month by switching to Supermove Payments.