7+ sites to find moving leads in 2023

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March 12, 2024
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How to get more moving leads

Moving companies rely on getting the most qualified leads to help grow their business consistently. So where can businesses like yours find the best moving leads?

There are several sites that will either sell you leads for homes that have just listed, and/or offer direct mail services. Depending on what your needs, there are lots of great moving lead providers out there.

Top moving lead providers

Moving Leads AI

Moving Leads AI revolutionizes lead generation for movers using AI-driven strategies. They offer targeted digital advertising, personalized email/SMS campaigns, and modernized direct mail, significantly boosting leads and customer engagement for moving companies. Their approach ensures quick, measurable improvements in lead generation and conversion rates.

USA Home Listings

This online service allows moving companies to download all new and under contract home listings in the U.S. on a daily basis so you never miss a lead again. You can also use the service to send mailers or postcards directly from the site in a few simple clicks. USA Home Listings also offers digital marketing services like email marketing, social media ads and posts, as well as retargeting ads.

Equate Media

Equate Media provides your moving company with highly qualified long distance moving leads as well as local moving leads. The best part is you won’t be competing with more than three other companies, much lower than other lead providers.


When you purchase moving leads from MoveAdvisor, you’ll receive the list in real-time. These leads are verified to ensure you only get accurate contact information. That means, you can start contacting leads immediately. Within your account, you can manage everything from your smartphone. You can also manage your daily leads budget so you don’t overspend or get more leads than you can handle.


One of the biggest networks in the moving industry, including realtor.com, with their sites reaching more than 80M unique users each month. You can tailor a campaign for new leads that meet your precise business goals, and you only pay for the leads you receive. Moving.com provides its business customers with an online reporting tool so you can track your leads.

Quote Runner

Quote Runner is an industry agnostic company that provides leads based on SEO, ads and targeted online searches methods. Thanks to their advanced algorithm and technology, the moving leads provided result in higher conversions.


Expand beyond your current network of customers using iRelo’s smart technology. Your moving business will only receive leads that suit your ideal customers almost instantly, so you can contact them and start tracking results sooner. And with customizable campaigns, you can request local, national and even international leads. 

Move Matcher

The pay-as-you-go model for Move Matcher means you only pay when customers contact you and there’s no long-term contract required. In order to participate, your moving company must have state registration and state licensing as well as be USDOT compliant for interstate and long-distance movers.


Movers.com provides you with detailed, user-filled inventory lists so you can truly customize your messaging when you reach out. Customized campaigns to suit your business’ needs means you can get leads based on services, and you can filter by geo-location, all with no long-term commitment. 

Just Listed Mailers

As the name suggests, Just Listed Mailers offers direct mail campaigns for moving companies. Within 1-2 days, your postcard will be shipped to USPS-verified homes that have been listed for sale within the past 24 hours. The proprietary software eliminates vacant homes, and they are able to confirm the homeowner’s name, square footage of the home, the listing broker, and the sale price to ensure your spending money on qualified leads.

See how Supermove can help you manage leads. Watch the video tour now.


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