First Call Sales Script: Residential Moves

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June 20, 2024
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First Call Sales Scripts for Moving Companies

What do you cover on your first call? Is it the same every time?

First Call Sales Script for Residential Moves

The first call is probably the most important call to determine the likelihood of booking that move. In this call, you gain fundamental advantages to helping bring the customer on.

  1. Build trust
  2. Gain critical move information
  3. Learn about the customer's why:
    • Why are they moving?
    • What are their pains during this process?
    • Where's the excitement vs the stress?
  4. Learn what other services you can offer the client based on their needs

Here's a downloadable 18-step check-list that your office and sales team can follow for every first call.

Download this document and add this to your training guides, or sales playbook.

First Call Drives Your Follow-Up Strategy and Objection Handling

Everything you gain on that first call will drive how you approach your follow-up at every stage of the customer journey. Watch two former moving sales pros talk about their follow-up game and objection-handling, and each of that is completely fuelled by everything they learned on the first call.

Here's the written version of the 18-step check-list that your office and sales team can follow for every first call.

18-Step Checklist of What to Ask on Every "First Call"

1. Introduce Yourself

"Hello, this is [Your Name] from [Moving Company Name]. How can I assist you with your upcoming move today?"

2. Explain Next Steps

"We offer virtual and in-person surveys to provide an accurate estimate for your move. Which option would you prefer?"

3. Excitement for Move

"Are you excited about your upcoming move?"

4. Previous Professional Move Experience

"Have you ever moved professionally before?"

5. Preferred Communication Method

"What is the best way to communicate with you - phone, email, or text?"
Do you have a secondary contact for your upcoming move?
"What are the best times to reach you?"

6. Current Residence Type

"Are you moving from a home or an apartment?"
If apartment: "Are there elevators or stairs?"

7. New Residence Type

"Are you moving into a home or an apartment?"
If apartment: "Are there elevators or stairs?"

8. Move Locations

"Where are you moving from and where are you moving to?"

9. Extra Pickups/Drop-offs

"Are there any extra pick-up’s or drop-off locations?"

10. Current Home Size

"What is the size of your current home? How many rooms or square feet?"

11. New Residence Size

"What is the size of your new residence? How many rooms or square feet?"

12. Hopeful Move Dates

"What are your hopeful move dates? Are you flexible on these dates?"

13. Moving Companions

"Who is moving with you? (e.g., husband, kids, animals, etc.)"

14. Special Belongings

"Do you have any special belongings that need extra care?"

15. Additional Services

"Do you require any other professional services such as storage, packing, debris removal, or cleaning services?"

16. Schedule Survey/Inventory

"Let's schedule a survey to take an inventory. What date and time work best for you?" 

17. Recap the Call

"To recap, you're moving from [current location] to [new location], on [dates], and prefer [communication method]."
"You've chosen [virtual/in-person] survey, and we've scheduled it for [date and time]."
"We'll also provide [additional services discussed]."

18. Next Steps

"Our next steps are [explain next steps based on their choices]. We'll be in touch to confirm the details."
"Thank you for choosing [Moving Company Name]. Have a great day!"


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