How to manage your reputation with moving software 

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September 15, 2023
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How to manage your reputation with moving software

It’s no secret that moving companies like yours live and die by reputation. After all, people research to find reputable companies that will handle their move with care by reading reviews online and speaking to friends and family. If your reputation is not up to scratch, you will not receive the recommendations you hope for, and you will lose revenue.

As a result, boosting your brand by creating better customer experiences is likely top-of-mind. One way to create these better experiences to increase your reputation is to invest in moving software. Using software to manage your business instead of pen and paper is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition and provide the digital experience that most customers are looking for. 

Moving software makes the customer experience more streamlined, convenient, professional, and sophisticated, helping you build trust and improve your reputation. 

11 ways you can use moving software to boost and manage your reputation

1. Put a lead form on your site

Not all customers want to call to get a quote. Some like the convenience of being able to reach out to you via your website. Software for movers lets you put a configurable lead form on your site to create this convenience while also looking professional. 

This lets you capture essential details like the lead’s name, contact details, when they want to move, location, and where they want to move. 

Moving software like Supermove also allows you to use your own existing custom lead form thanks to a convenient API integration. Plus, you can include your own logo to the form for a personalized, professional touch.

2. Use the CRM system, so leads don’t fall through the cracks

There’s nothing worse than a customer reaching out to a company and never hearing anything back. Most decent moving software will have a good CRM that allows you to capture, track, and manage all your leads and existing customers to maximize revenue. 

A good CRM ensures you never lose out on a lead and can follow up with every lead as quickly as possible. It’ll improve your lead conversion by providing the following:

  • Complete visibility into the customer lifecycle so you can respond to new requests quickly. You’ll be able to see, at a glance, where customers are in the sale process at any given time.
  • A basket of tools like a sophisticated billing system and estimation process to help you get quotes out quickly and improve close rates.

3. Create better estimates 

Estimates ensure everyone is on the same page about the cost of the job before you start any work. They also ensure you’re not undercharging for your services and losing revenue. 

The right moving software helps you create better digital estimates in several ways:

  • Tablets allow you to record all move data efficiently and only once. After recording the data, you can quickly sync it to the moving software with a click of a button and avoid costly errors associated with recording via pen and paper. Using pen and paper involves double data entry; information recorded on paper must also be recorded in digital form. It also often leads to duplicate documents.
  • Weight calculations happen automatically thanks to algorithms, so you avoid costly math mistakes. The correct weight calculations of what needs to be moved are crucial in determining how many movers to assign, how long it will take, and how you’ll price the move. 

Software like Supermove automatically calculates the total weight by using a standard weight calculation for specific items that are common in the moving industry. The automatic calculation eliminates the need for you to do any math—and the potential mistakes—ensuring you can price estimates accurately and much faster.

  • Virtual survey capabilities eliminate the need for your employees to go to the site, saving on time and fuel costs. For example, Supermove allows customers to film and photograph their homes. You can then use that footage to fill out the complete list of items needed to create an accurate estimate.

4. Get customer sign-off on quotes with e-signatures

Moving software allows your customers to sign documents and quotes with e-signatures. This is more convenient for customers as they don’t have to print, sign, scan, and resend the document over email, which can be incredibly time-consuming and frustrating.

Offering e-signatures makes you look more professional and allows you to create a digital record. A digital record is helpful for:

  • General organization as all quotes are stored centrally in one place and not in an old-fashioned filing cabinet where they are challenging to find.
  • Protection against an audit. Quotes and move records stored in one central place are easy to access if required. They’re also formatted correctly for full compliance.
  • When you’re caught in liability situations. If a customer says they didn’t agree to something, you can quickly pull up the correct document, showing their signature.

5. Use GPS tracking on move day 

The ability to let your customers track their stuff from point A to point B on move day is also a big selling point for some software vendors. 

Many of your customers simply want proper communication during the move and reassurance that their items are on the way. 

GPS tracking provides this reassurance without you having to call the customer or field calls from them, which saves you and your team time so you can focus on other work.

Tip: Use Supermove to send automatic text reminders that tell your customers your crew is on the way and let them click on a link to see exactly where the van is. 

6. Easily find customers’ items in a centralized database to improve storage management

Here’s an all-too-familiar scenario in the moving industry:

People bring moving companies their stuff. The moving companies put the stuff in a warehouse. Later, when searching for the items to prepare for a move or bill the customer, the moving companies struggle to find them because the systems make it hard to track where they are.

Moving software that provides a storage solution solves this problem by allowing you to store all the items in a centralized database with up-to-date information on where the inventory is at all times.

You’ll be able to easily track, access, and find a customer’s items when it’s time to bill them. You can also set up automated recurring invoices that go out on autopilot without having to lift a finger to manually create these invoices each month. Simply set your dates for invoicing and watch the software do the rest.

7. Automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks 

Software allows you and your employees to automate certain tasks like sending email follow-ups and upselling a customer about valuation coverage. For instance, once a customer has signed a quote, software like Supermove lets you set a date for following up to ensure you book the move on your dispatch calendar as soon as possible.  

You can even create workflows where clients are automatically given the option to purchase valuation coverage just before signing the confirmation agreement. They receive an email, click on a link in that email, and are taken to a page where they can choose their coverage before e-signing the agreement.

8. Automatically trigger a review request email after a move is completed

Moving is a challenging and highly emotional time for most, so people will take their time to find companies they can trust to handle their stuff. 

They will do their research, ask family and friends, and read online reviews. Companies with a higher volume of positive reviews stand a better chance of winning the business than those who barely have any. And you certainly don’t want to be the company with zero reviews and no online presence. 

And because people don’t naturally leave a review without being prompted, it’s crucial to take the time to get them to do so. Software allows you to automate this process and remove the awkwardness you may feel when typing a new review request for every customer. 

An excellent place to include this review request is in the final email you send customers after a move. This last email usually includes the PDF attachments of the documents the customer signed during the move. This ensures everyone has a copy. In that email, you can include a link encouraging customers to review your services on Google. You could say, “Hey, if you appreciate our services, click here and please give us a review.” 

9. Use task management features for employees to manage their daily workload

With lots on the go depending on an employee’s work—dispatching, scheduling, fielding calls, speaking to colleagues, having meetings, etc.— it’s easy for tasks to get buried and forgotten. Some tasks, like following up on a lead, can quite literally cost your company money and damage your reputation if you forget.

This is where software can help. Some software helps employees manage their workload by providing task management features and effectively being a digital diary. For example, Supermove lets you and your crew quickly write a task (e.g., call the customer back), set a due date, and check it off when it’s completed.

This ensures employees don’t have to memorize what they need to do daily. They simply log into the system to see a standard list of tasks to complete, like confirming the details of a move and following up on leads.

10. Use a tablet to ensure the move runs smoothly on move day

Interacting with the moving software via an app on a tablet on move day to record move data really impresses the customer. It makes you look like a true professional while providing a simpler and easier move experience. 

You can sync all the move data recorded on the tablet directly to the software, so it’s available from another device. Documents are also conveniently available for you right on a tablet, and you can get copies instantaneously. Your bill itemizes everything accurately with customers of moving companies not being over or undercharged. 

Ultimately, streamlining and simplifying otherwise complicated processes gives the end customer peace of mind and removes a lot of the stress these folks are having.

11. Let your customers make easy payments right in the app

Finally, any decent moving software helps improve the customer experience by making it easy for customers to pay. For instance, because most customers pay with a credit card, Supermove ensures that when they sign off on the job, they’re automatically taken to a page requesting their credit card details.

Moving software should also ensure that customers are billed for the right amount at the end of the move. This means that the initial bill you sent customers with an estimate of the hours worked needs to be updated to reflect the actual hours worked on the day. 

Moving software makes this update automatically without you having to waste time doing it manually and ensures customers are not over or undercharged. This is important because, let’s face it, being overcharged can lead to some seriously disgruntled customers and hurt your reputation.

Start using moving software to help manage your reputation

With customers carefully researching reputable companies who can handle their move with care, reputation is everything in this industry. But you already know that.

What you may not know is the power of moving software in boosting that reputation. From using it to put a lead form on your site, create better estimates and get sign-off on quotes via e-signatures, to improving storage management, automatically triggering reviews, and letting your customers make easy payments in an app, moving software shapes the customer experience in a profound way. 

It simplifies and improves it, streamlines your entire operation, and makes you look more sophisticated and professional in the customer’s eyes. This ultimately builds trust, boosts your reputation, helps you generate more repeat business, and ensures you grow sustainably.


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