Moving Companies You Need to Follow on Social Media (for Inspiration)

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October 2, 2023
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Moving Companies on Social Media

From TikTok to Instagram, movers are making noise on all the popular channels.

You hear it often: Your business should be on social media.

But how and where do you even start?

What content do you post?

How often should you post?

Do you reply to all the comments?

A good place to start is by gathering some inspiration through examples of moving companies who are doing this right.

Get Real on Instagarm Reels

Featured moving company: Pearson Moving and Storage | Follow on Instagram

Pearson Moving and Storage’s Instagram account is run by their Owner, Kyle Pearson. He recently shared at the 2023 Virtual Movers Conference that he used Instagram to generate $60K in sales in 90 days.

If you look through their feed, Kyle goes all in on Reels. He’s got fun office content, moving content, tips for how to move your house, and he also just has videos of sharing why you should hire a moving company.  

Making Fun of Your Customers (With Love)

Featured moving company: JK Moving | Follow on Instagram

JK Moving takes a light hearted approach and posts content pointing fun at what customers do when they don’t hire a moving company. They are really successful in demonstrating the value of their moving services by showing you what you don’t want to experience.

Brand Exposure Through Gifs

Featured moving company: Two Men and a Truck | Follow on Giphy

Two Men and a Truck are already widely invested in social media, but they’ve expanded to a lesser known channel for marketing your moving business: Giphy.

They’ve created a brand account to upload a bunch of moving gifs so when you search for moving gifs to send to your friends or colleagues, it’s got their branding on it. 

69.3M gif views aren’t so bad after all.

Capture the Good, the Bad, the Funny

Featured moving company: Luxury Movers | Follow on TikTok

What Luxury Movers do well is capture all their moments on the job. They describe their videos to show you how they do their job but also watch them have a good time doing their job. It really makes their company personable and entertaining at the same time.

Who wouldn’t want to let this team move them?

Music and Movers Make You Smile

Featured moving company: Crib Movers | Follow on TikTok

Crib Movers have a very simple but consistent approach to their TikTok content. They take videos of them moving, match it with some music and add contextual text to tell you what type of move they’re doing. You don’t see someone talking to the camera, you just see them work. Period. 

Educational Content for Your Ideal Customers

Featured moving company: Dumbo Moving & Storage NYC | Follow on YouTube

Dumbo has a very clear strategy. They are building educational content on Youtube to help future customers who are planning to move. By targeting folks who are online searching for the best cities to live in certain geos, they are getting in front of the right people. 

Responding to Moving Questions on Reddit

Featured moving company: PackingService Inc.

PackingService Inc. approaches Reddit with a simple focus. Respond to questions on the platform from people looking for a reliable moving company in their local community. 

Be consistent and keep showing up.

No matter which approach you take, on what platform, it's important that you keep at it. The more you consistently post and show up, the more often you'll get noticed on social media and build an audience over time.

If you have a social channel you think should be on this blog post, email We'd love to add to this collection.


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