Q&A with Minnē Movers: How they streamlined operations with Supermove

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September 15, 2023
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How Minnē Movers streamlined operations with Supermove
Lucy Kalupa, Office Manager with Minnē Movers

We recently chatted with Lucy Kalupa, Office Manager with Minnē Movers to hear about her experience with Supermove and how the company went from hopping between a bunch of different systems to way more streamlined processes with our all in one moving  company software

Tell us about your company

We are a small company based out of Minneapolis, MN. The two owners, Clint & Gage started the company about 3 years ago. We have grown tremendously, especially since implementing Supermove!

What challenges/problems were you experiencing that made you look for a software solution?

Before finding Supermove, we were using Google Calendar (scheduling purposes), HubSpot (customer information/relations), and QuickBooks (deposits and final payments). We all determined that we needed to streamline our process for both our office staff and our customers.

What made Supermove stand out over other solutions that you researched?

The owners had tried a couple of different CRMs before I started with the company, none of which worked out. We found Supermove, booked a demo and we were implementing it a couple of weeks later. The one thing that really stood out during our demo was the virtual walkthrough option. We believe in getting a visual on all items that our customers need moved before sending an estimate, and this is a really convenient way to do that. We also liked how easy it was to put together an estimate and send it off to our customers.

How was the implementation process?

Our implementation process was very simple. We are all very tech-savvy and I think this helped us become familiar with Supermove quickly. We told the Supermove team exactly how we wanted everything and they were able to input it into the system with no problems.

How has Supermove helped since implementation?

There are so many ways that Supermove has helped our company grow since we began using it. There are so many features, such as crew schedules, revenue tracking, lead tracking, and workflow options that streamline our process. Supermove makes it easy to track all past and future moves.

Our favorite report under the "Reports" tab is the calendar view. Once all jobs are closed out it shows the total revenue for each day, we pay close attention to this for our weekly L10 meetings.

What functionality or features have made the biggest impact on your business?

I would say the crew schedules, dispatching, and collecting deposits with the click of a button have been the key features that have made the biggest impact. Our dispatching is very simple now, we can track the crew's schedule and make sure we have the necessary resources to complete each move we book. The new workflows have been incredible for keeping up with our customer follow-up.

Where does your team want to grow with Supermove?

We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with Supermove and can't wait for even more updates/changes to come!


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