Webinar recap: Driving efficiency with Supermove

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March 17, 2023
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Webinar recap: Driving efficiency with Supermove

We recently sat down with some of our internal Supermove experts to chat about building scalable and efficient businesses with the help of software. Specifically, we covered two new (and very exciting!) Supermove features– Workflows, and Supermove Payments. 

In this session, our VP of Marketing, Travis Wingate was joined by Supermove CPO and co-founder Mark Miyashita, Supermove Product Manager Anita Vithayathil, and Supermove Partner Manager Ryan Marsh (former mover with Naglee Moving) to chat about we’re helping moving companies grow their bottom line. 

Watch the full webinar here.

Webinar recap: How Workflows and Supermove Payments help drive efficiency


Anita kicked things off by discussing why we created workflows.

“We know that every moving company has internal operations and communication standards that make them unique and we wanted to keep that for you guys. So instead of forcing everybody to conform to one standard we took a build-your-own-process approach and that's how we came up with workflows,” she says.

So what is a workflow? It’s an automated custom process that you can set up in Supermove. The sky’s the limit here– Workflows can send emails for you, they can create and complete tasks, and pretty soon, they’ll be able to send text messages as well. Basically, if you find yourself doing something over and over again that's a likely good candidate to become a workflow.

You can see a 5-minute demo of Workflows below, where Anita walks through some different scenarios that Workflows can be used for. 

Why is automation so important to running an efficient business?

Ryan jumped in to highlight why a feature like this can be so helpful to movers.

“We're always wearing many many hats right and many hats equates to many different tasks– follow-ups, check-ins, and working in multiple different manual workflow channels throughout the day. At Naglee we always used the term ‘death by a thousand pinpricks’ and that's very true in this industry. I experienced it firsthand for 11+ years and this new feature, man it really changes that. The ability for us to create these automated workflows will be an absolute game changer for our movers there is no doubt.”

The real joy of automation is that it helps you get time back so you can focus more on the business and be proactive instead of reactive. The more of those day-to-day “pinpricks” that you can automate, the more streamlined your processes can be and the more time we can re-invest back into the business and customer. 


The second part of this session focused on Supermove Payments. Mark outlined that a big reason we built this was because we’ve observed moving companies using a bunch of different systems in their day-to-day. These different systems can create workflow issues and operational gaps, so one of our goals is to unify all the systems movers need into one integrated solution. 

This makes your life easier for a few reasons:

  • One simple, integrated solution that lets you run your business and accept payments all on one platform.
  • Unified customer service means no more having to contact different vendors if an issue comes up.
  • The ability to integrate payments and close out moves quickly & automatically is huge to maintaining a healthy cash flow.

There are also several macro factors at play that are pushing movers to shift away from cash and towards credit cards, says Ryan. He outlines that the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the shift from cash to digital, citing that 64% of Americans now say that it is “very likely” that the US will be a cashless society at some point in their lifetimes. More and more businesses are going cashless, and increasingly, your end customer expects to be able to pay for their move via credit card. 

Check out the video below to see an in-depth demo of the new payments experience in Supermove. 

Final thoughts

We don’t normally toot our own horn on this blog–this space is usually reserved for articles that are purely aimed at helping movers like you succeed. That being said, we do really believe that these two features–Workflows and Supermove Payments– are game-changing for movers looking to control costs, boost efficiency and even grow revenue in the current economic landscape. 

If you’re interested in getting in touch with us about Supermove and how it can help you, book a demo with us. But if you’d just like to catch up on the webinar, you can check that out here


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