Why GPS Truck Tracking Benefits Moving Companies

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November 28, 2023
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Benefits of GPS Truck Tracking

It's Time to Adopt GPS Truck Tracking to Delight Customers and Monitor Operations

Real-time GPS tracking has been a familiar consumer experience for years in many transportation and delivery services we use today, including popular apps like Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash. It has evolved from being a distinctive feature to a standard in many services, reshaping customer expectations. This shift is especially crucial for the moving industry, where prioritizing GPS tracking has become synonymous with meeting customers' evolving demands.

After all, a strong customer experience and reputation can make all the difference between losing a potential customer and securing the next moving job.

GPS tracking impacts the customer and the business in 5 key ways:

1: More Visibility for Customers

Customers in the digital age seek real-time information effortlessly. GPS tracking provides critical information at their fingertips, like move timings and the live location of their belongings during the move. This reduces stress and complaints, building trust and confidence.

2: Improved Communication

It allows proactive communication with customers. You can send personalized messages, alerts, and feedback requests based on real-time data. This and visibility make customers feel important and listened to, keeping them at ease. It also lessens their workload, allowing them to concentrate on move preparation without needing to reach out for an estimated time of arrival.

Ultimately, ease and comfort is the primary reason customers hire moving companies.

3: Easier to Monitor Operations

GPS tracking offers insights into the crew's activities, aiding in better task management. This leads to optimized load distribution and, over time, enables the planning of crew schedules for more complex moving jobs. The office team can then concentrate on other critical aspects, enhancing the overall customer experience.

4: Ensure Quality

Understanding the crew's performance becomes streamlined with GPS tracking. Observing on-the-ground activities allows for the identification of critical issues, leading to process improvements and an enhanced customer experience.

5: Accurate Time Information

It gives precise data on how long the crew spends on a job. Movers can skip the math to finalize the bill, saving hours and preventing math mistakes. This reduces the confusion for your staff and the customers.

It’s an all-around win-win. Customers are delighted through visibility, communication, and peace of mind, while movers are able to easily manage time, performance, delivery, and billing.


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