Four Moving Companies Share Business Results

What is the additional revenue earned, costs saved and overall business value of moving software?

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What's in this ROI Study?

We will dive deep into four moving companies of different sizes across the U.S. and review their 12-month performance since adopting software, including:

  • How much their revenue changed
  • What their cost savings looked like
  • What the impact on the lead conversion rate was

Regardless of the size of your operations, this study will share intel on how moving companies are evaluating performance of their moving software.

Hundreds of business owners trust Supermove to help them save time and money, and grow their business
Guide Outline
Chapter 1 :
Conversation with 60 truck operation’s CEO & Vice President
Chapter 2 :
Conversation with 15 truck operation’s Owner
Chapter 3 :
Conversation with 25 truck operation’s President
Chapter 4 :
Conversation with 5 truck operation’s Vice President

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