The Moving Business Trends Report: 2024

It’s no doubt that the moving industry is poised for transformation after breakthrough years in 2020-2022, and a record low in 2023. But what are movers prioritizing for 2024?

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What's in this report?

Explore the strategies moving businesses plan to adopt and discard as they aim for a new trajectory in 2024.

  • 4 trends to improve customer experience and operations
  • 4 must-haves for a profitable business
  • 3 trends evolving after 2024

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Moving Business Trends Report 2024
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Report Outline
Chapter 1 :
Chapter 2 :
4 Trends: These are getting adopted and expanded in 2024
Chapter 3 :
4 Status Quo: Movers consider these table-stakes in their moving business
Chapter 4 :
3 Fads: Movers believe these are still in the far future

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