The Moving Experience Report

Consumer Survey Results | 2024 - 2025

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What's in this report?

We asked 300+ Americans who plan to move within the next two years to share their moving company expectations.

Discover the drivers behind their relocation decisions, how they select moving services, and more insights about their moving behaviors.

Learn directly from the needs and preferences of your customers.

  • Where do they find you?
  • What will they pay for?
  • What makes them want to refer you to friends and family?

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Report Outline
Chapter 1 :
Where and Why Are Americans Moving?
Chapter 2 :
How Are Americans Searching For Moving Companies?
Chapter 3 :
How Do Americans Want to Communicate With Movers?
Chapter 4 :
What Do Americans Deem Essential in a Moving
Chapter 5 :
What Americans Want is a Modern Experience
Chapter 6 :
What Will Americans Pay For?

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