The Sales Showdown πŸ₯Š


Time to battle it out.

Join us for a thrilling video series where top-tier sales pros go head-to-head in 20-minute showdowns, across 4 critical topics.

Each showdown will prep you for maximizing on peak season.

Packed with real-world scenarios + strategies that you can immediately add to your moving company's sales process.

Come for the education, leave with entertainment.

Undefeated Sales Pros Go Head-to-Head

Ryan Marsh and James Bradley have been the undefeated champs while working in moving sales for a combined 17 years.

Showdown Topics:
πŸ”₯Follow Up: Every lead counts and costs your business money. Master the art of the fast follow-up so you don’t let a lead slip to your competitors.

πŸ›‘ Objection Handling: Discover proven tactics to overcome common hurdles and objections with ease, ensuring you never miss a chance to close the deal.

πŸ’°Upselling Services: Maximize your revenue per move by mastering what the customer needs. Uncover how you can easily upsell additional services and upgrades that add value for them and also boosts your sales.

πŸ“ž Call Scripts: Nail every sales call with confidence. Dive into battle-tested scripts and learn how to navigate conversations smoothly, build rapport, and guide prospects towards a resounding "YES!"

Each battle is only 20 mins. Watch with your morning coffee. Or tea.