Supermove Innovation Day

Unveiling Supermove 2.0 through the power of AUTOMATION  

Automation is your new superpower ⚡

Supermove is pulling back the curtains on the latest enhancements to our platform. The new power of automation is accelerating how movers get their work done, faster.

Your most redundant and repetitive tasks are set on autopilot. That means no more manual emails or reminders to crews and customers. The administrative burden will automatically happen behind the scenes so you can focus on booking moves and delivering uninterrupted 5-star experiences.

Sessions Outline

Join our first-ever Supermove Innovation Day to see how our platform is evolving to help you automatically drive sales, save money and make customers happy.

Session 1:

Automation to Increase Sales

Convert more leads into booked moves and increase your average move price.

This session will show you 5 workflows you can set up today:

  1. Set up lead follow-up emails to be sent after receiving a new lead
  2. Send a quote follow-up email if a quote is not signed after a certain number of days
  3. Send a confirmation follow-up email if a confirmation is not signed after a certain number of days.
  4. Send an email to customers a few days after a job is booked with upsell options like packaging and valuation
  5. Send a follow up email after the move day to ask for a review
Session 2:

Automation to Save Money

Reduce your errors and remove manual work to save money

This session will show you 4 workflows you can set up today:

  1. Send a reminder email to customers about moves and your best practices to prepare for the move
  2. Send a reminder to crews about upcoming moves and supplies
  3. Set up capacity notifications so you can plan ahead for your crews 
  4. Set up accounting reminders so you catch failed payments
Session 3:

Automation to Delight Customers

Deliver a seamless move experience that results in 5-star reviews & referrals

This session will show you 4 workflows you can set up today:

  1. Automate customer emails throughout their journey from lead to move 
  2. Set up instant responders to any customer inquiry via email or sms
  3. Automatically allow your customer to see where your truck is at all times through a Uber/Lyft like GPS tracker
  4. Remind customers automatically after a move is completed to submit reviews, provide feedback and respond instantly