Supermove Webinar

The Key to Measuring the Profitability of Your Moving Business

What we will cover during this session

Join Supermove and Tracy Bech from 60 Minute CFO on July 11 at 1 pm ET, for the second installment of Supermove’s Finance 101 for Movers series. 

What this session will cover:

  • Understand the three ratios that measure the profitability of your business
  • Understand the difference between direct and indirect expenses
  • Discuss five proven ways to increase your profitability
  •  Discuss how to use Supermove to track your margins

Our main speaker: Tracy Bech
Tracy Bech is a serial entrepreneur, having started, run, and sold 2 successful businesses. She is passionate about lowering the business failure rate by educating business owners and leaders about best practices and business strategy.

She is also CEO at Starboard Collectives, where she facilitates groups of CEOs in niche industries. The groups share financial analyses, best practices and focus on business development.

Tracy is a nationally recognized speaker on the topic of small business finance, and also conducts a women in business group in Hood River, Oregon, where she calls home. When not analyzing business ratios, Tracy is likely found on or near the water, dirt or snow, enjoying the great outdoors on boats, bikes or skis.

Our panelists

Tracy Bech

Co-Author, Advisor 60 minute CFO

Ryan Marsh

Partnerships & Alliances Manager, Supermove

Foster Kwon

Product Manager, Supermove

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