Moving America '24 - '25

What Americans Expect in their Moving Experience

Relocation Trends Revealed

We asked 300+ Americans who plan to move within the next two years to share their moving company expectations.

Discover the drivers behind their relocation decisions, how they select moving services, and more insights about their moving behaviors.

Learn directly from the needs and preferences of your customers.
- Where do they find you?
- What will they pay for?
- What makes them want to refer you to friends and family?

All this and more in 5 detailed sessions.

5 Jam-Packed Sessions for Everyone in Moving

Join industry leaders as they present groundbreaking data across 5 jam-packed sessions.

These sessions are for everyone across a moving company - from owners to operators, from sales to marketing, and move coordinators to crews.

All registrants will be the first to receive a copy of the full consumer survey: The Moving Experience Report 2024-2025

Session 1:

Decoding the Great American Shuffle

Exploring the Motivations Behind American Relocation

Understand the American movement patterns. Analyze the motivations, economic factors, and societal changes prompting individuals to relocate.

Get a deeper understanding of American migration from 2024-2025 as it stands today.

Session 2:

Charting the Digital Terrain

Unveiling How Americans Find Moving Services

Navigate the pathways where Americans connect with moving experts.

From digital forums to social media movements, chart the changing currents of consumer patterns when seeking dependable moving solutions.

Session 3:

The Price of Transition

Understanding Budgets Versus Expectations

Explore the interplay between cost and expectations.
Unveil the financial factors and budget priorities influencing American choices in moving services.

Discover the patterns that drive the moving industry's client decisions.

Session 4:

Crafting the Ideal Moving Experience

Elevating Customer Service Standards

What makes a memorable moving experience?

Discover the key elements, from effective communication to comprehensive services, that fulfill and surpass client desires.

Master the art of delivering a smooth and hassle-free moving process to every client.

Session 5:

What Makes Customers Happy and Spreads the Word

Unveiling the Secrets to Customer Satisfaction and Advocacy

Unlock the keys to customer happiness and word-of-mouth referrals.

This session will showcase what turns a one-time client into a lifelong advocate and another major revenue channel.