A Marketing Campaign for Moving Companies to Get More Customers in 2024

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March 13, 2024
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Moving Company Marketing Campaign Ideas

Staying ahead in the moving industry means knowing what's driving (or slowing) demand and tailoring your marketing and sales accordingly.

Let's dive into the key factors behind Americans' desire to relocate and how your moving company can harness these insights for an effective campaign.

Why are Americans moving?

Americans are on the move for various reasons, including weather preferences, family dynamics, and career advancements. It's not just about changing addresses; it's about seeking something better. But what exactly are people looking for, and how can moving companies use this knowledge to grow their business?

To answer these questions, we surveyed over 300 Americans planning to relocate within the next two years.

Here's what we discovered.

Affordable Lifestyle: A Major Driving Force

A significant finding from our survey is that 2 out of 5 Americans seek a more affordable lifestyle in 2024 and 2025. The cost of living is a powerful force behind this migration trend.

Marketing Campaign Idea: Promote the benefits of moving to a lower-cost region near your city to all your customers and leads in your CRM today. (scroll to the bottom of this article for an email template)

But affordability isn't the only motivator. Let's explore the different reasons driving each generation's decision to move.

Millennials and younger generations often seek more space and career advancement opportunities.
On the other hand, Gen X and older plan to downsize and prioritize proximity to family.

You can check the full report with insights here: The Moving Experience Report 2024 - 2025

Build a marketing campaign based on these insights:

  1. Promote Reasons to Move: Develop a marketing campaign targeting your past customers and leads in your CRM based on their motivation to move.

    For example, create an email campaign highlighting the affordability of nearby regions since an affordable lifestyle is the driving factor to move in the next two years.

    If you have a customer base of Gen X and older, launch an email campaign sharing how to plan their move for retirement: closer to family, smaller space, lower cost of living. If your customer base were predominantly Gen Z and Millennials, you would promote cities near you with a higher density of employment opportunities and bigger spaces.

    If your customer base is mixed, then you want to truly highlight the benefits of moving to reduce the cost of living.
  2. Offer Relevant Services: Offer tailored services that cater to the specific needs of different demographics. For example, provide packing and moving packages designed for those downsizing or offer storage solutions for individuals in transition.

Use this email template for your campaign

Example Template: This is a moving company based out of San Fransisco, California, and here is what they are sending to their customers and leads in their CRM today.

You can also download the template here.

Here is how Nick DiMoro from Mover Marketing AI created a strategy based on these insights:

You can also watch the full episode here.

When you understand the diverse motivations behind moves, you can easily market to your customers and align your services with these needs. Use these insights to launch marketing campaigns for your moving business and offer tailored services to grow your revenue.


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