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December 20, 2022
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getting moving leads

The point of any business is to make sales. And moving companies are no exception.

So how can you generate the best and most qualified leads for your moving business? 

First, there are a few steps you need to take before you can begin to get more customers. 

1. You need to identify your ideal customers – are you looking for residential or commercial customers?

2. You need to create a plan for finding more customers – (this is what we get into below) how will you find leads for your moving company?

3. You need to set a budget – some methods can be done with just a computer, internet connection, and phone; while other tactics require spending a bit more money.

Based on what your plan is (#2),  you can figure out how much money (#3) you need to spend on lead generation or, conversely, what tactics you can eliminate based on your budget. 

Let’s get into it. 


The first thing your sales team can do is reach out to local realtors, real estate agencies, property management companies, local storage companies, mortgage brokers and even pest removal companies, and build a relationship with them.

Find out what their customers are looking for from their move and see how you can support them. 

These relationships will be invaluable to your business because these individuals are actively working with people and companies who are in the process of planning a move. Your moving company should be top-of-mind when their clients ask for moving company recommendations. You can even offer up a small referral bonus for them bringing business your way (if your margins allow). 


There are many different marketing tactics you can employ to find prospects and generate more leads. While you don’t have to try them all, it’s recommended you try several since not every moving business is the same. Testing different marketing strategies and tracking your results and ROI will help you determine which methods you want to use for the long-term. 

Referrals and reviews

Always ask your past customers for referrals and online reviews. These can go a long way in having people or companies reach out to you directly when they’re looking for a moving company. 

You want to make sure you let your customers know where and how they can share a review of your business. It’s also best to have your business reviewed on multiple platforms because everyone uses different review sites when they’re researching. These include: 

  • Google
  • TrustPilot
  • Yelp
  • Yahoo!
  • Facebook
  • (and more)

But you can’t ask your customers to write a review on all the different sites, so consider using software like Arrivala that lets you collect reviews and automatically posts them to all your accounts.  

Cold prospecting 

Cold prospecting can be easily done for moving companies thanks to online listings like the,,, and,, and many more. By taking the time to go through these sites, you’ll find the details to listings including the mailing address. You can contact the home owners, realtors, or property managers via mailers or phone, and offer up your services. 

Buy moving leads

Lastly, you can always buy moving leads. These moving leads providers sell you the contact info of people or companies looking to move. These can cost anywhere from $0.30/lead, and is a great way to get contact details for direct mailers. 

Use the right software

It’s not enough to just get the leads, you need to be able to manage them properly so you can see which tactics were most effective and you can track the leads through your sales funnel. 

A CRM (customer relationship management software) helps you manage your customer data, keep everything organized and is easily searchable. The right system will also let you automate certain processes, like sending email newsletters or personalized messages, which can save you and the team time and ultimately money. 

The right software will also help you centralize notes from the conversations you’ve had with potential customers, follow how many offers you have in the pipeline (or how many you need to meet your quota), generate reports and measure your return to know exactly how you are doing. 

The right system, like Supermove, can do it all. Track and manage your prospects, share virtual walkthroughs, send estimates, close sales, dispatch your crew, track your fleet, and much more. Check out a quick demo here, to see how Supermove can increase lead conversion by 5-10%.


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