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December 20, 2022
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moving industry conferences

Spring conference season is blooming!

We’ve had a blast reuniting with friends in the industry and making new ones too. The month started off with the Unigroup Learning Conference in St. Louis. At the same time, the Wheaton Van Line Summit & Awards Gala was happening in Las Vegas. The van line conferences always include workshops and networking events.

It’s a chance for agents to come together to get updates on the industry, share their knowledge, and celebrate the wins of the year. For us, it’s always great to get our name out there and share our progress.

We’re able to learn about what other people are doing in the space and get feedback on our own software. It’s been fascinating to be a part of all of the van line celebrations, and see the numbers that come out of the industry (ie. top booking agents, million dollar club recipients).

Wonjun, Johnny, and David at the Wheaton Van Line Summit
Alec and Heidi at the Unigroup Learning Conference
Unigroup Learning Conference Exhibit Hall

Next, we took a trip to the ATA Moving & Storage Conference (MSC) Annual Meeting in Orlando, which was happening at the same time as the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) Annual Meeting. There were a mix of van line agents and independent moving companies too. This was the biggest trade show I’ve ever attended, with full trucks on the floor. Companies like Love’s, Michelin, and Nikola had huge booths, showcasing their newest products and technology. It was hard not to feel like a small fish in a big pond being on the same floor but it gave me some inspiration on how to stand out (next time: bring a truck 😆). Our booth was buzzing, and we’re excited about some of the partnerships that came out of it.

ATA Exhibit Hall
Heidi, Johnny, and David at ATA MSC
MSC Sponsors & Exhibitors

Hope to meet you in-person this year! Here’s a list of upcoming conferences in 2022:

3/31-4/2: Dispatchers Conference - Clearwater, FL

4/19-24: CMSA - Reno, NV

9/20-23: SMA - Horseshoe Bay, TX

9/21-22: NJWMA - Atlantic City, NJ

10/13-15: North Carolina Movers Association

10/13-15: SIRVA - Nashville, TN

11/2-5: IAM - Atlanta, GA

11/13-15: CAM - Edmonton, Alberta

11/17-19: National Van Lines - Fernandina Beach, FL

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