What do Customers Expect from their Moving Company in 2024?

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March 12, 2024
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Customer expectations from moving companies

As we navigate through the year 2024, the moving industry continues to evolve rapidly to meet the changing demands of American consumers. When selecting a moving company, customers are looking beyond the primary transportation of items. Instead, they seek a comprehensive service that combines cost-effectiveness, reliability, and convenience.

We surveyed over 300 Americans planning to relocate within the next two years. Let's explore the factors they consider essential when choosing a moving company today.

Cost Effectiveness: The Prime Consideration

Price continues to be a paramount consideration for Americans, with 70% of survey respondents citing cost-effectiveness as the number one factor influencing their decision to hire a moving company. Moving services must balance affordability with quality in a macro-environment where every dollar counts for cost-conscious consumers.

Respondents were able to select multiple factors in this survey question

📢 Marketing Tip: If your pricing is already extremely competitive in your region, you should lead with that on your website, social media, and ad channels. There’s no reason to tuck this differentiator away when it’s top of mind for consumers. On the other hand, if you are a more premium service provider, you should connect your brand and message to quality and white glove service to attract the right market. Include testimonials from customers who have returned to you after bad moving experiences with other companies. Reputation is a close second to cost-effectiveness, so it can be your strong differentiator.

The Importance of Reputation

Close on the heels of cost considerations are the twin pillars of online reviews and reputation. Customers heavily rely on the experiences of others; they search the internet for reviews and seek recommendations from friends and family.

A company's online presence and the public perception of its brand play a crucial role in the decision-making process.

📢 Get more reviews: Make sure you build a process with your crews to encourage and incentivize reviews with happy customers. You can automate it in your moving software to remind customers to share their experiences after every job is complete.

  • For positive reviews, send them to your public review sites
  • For negative reviews, send them to your direct email so you can personally respond and learn how to improve.

Convenience is Key

The modern American consumer values their time and peace of mind, so the convenience of multiple services provided by a single company is highly prized.
Services that simplify the moving process, such as packing, unpacking, storage, and even furniture assembly, can be significant differentiators for a moving company.

📢 Marketing Tips for Cross-Selling

Step 1: Proactively Ask the Customer

  • Ask your customer where they have work to be done, like, “Are you considering decluttering old items?” or “Is your packing process complete?” These inquiries help you pinpoint their specific needs.

Step 2: Automate a Follow Up Email to Booked Customers

  • During sales interactions, tailor your offerings to align with the customer's expressed needs. Automate an email send after every booked job to introduce all the services you offer to support their moving experience.

Valuation Coverage: Essential for Modern Movers

One key stat that stands out from the survey is the widespread expectation of valuation coverage.

75% of Americans surveyed anticipate that a reputable moving company will offer valuation coverage as an optional service to protect their belongings.

Notably, providing valuation coverage is a strategic move to assure customers and a practical approach to increasing revenue per move. Valuation coverage is considered a fundamental part of the service suite for any moving company.

Check out how Cody Gordon from Movebees found the best time to sell valuation coverage.

Good Service is Rewarded

Those who have moved with a company before and had a positive experience are more likely to hire the same company again.

This emphasizes the importance of every customer interaction and its lasting impact on future business. Make sure you do a couple of things in person and after the move to maximize happy customers.

We asked Americans how they are willing to show their appreciation after a 5-star experience, and here’s what they said:


The moving industry in 2024 and 2025 must be agile, customer-focused, and transparent. Companies that offer competitive pricing, maintain a stellar reputation, and provide convenient services will likely lead the market.

By listening to customer feedback and adapting to these expectations, moving companies can meet the current demands and set new standards for excellence in the industry.

To understand how customers plan and decide on a moving company, read the full report here with more than 20+ insights.


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