Modern Moving Experience: What Your Customers Want & How to Deliver It

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April 4, 2024
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What Your Customers Want & How to Deliver It

From online banking and food delivery to streaming movies and virtual doctor appointments, modern experiences are evolving how we used to get things done. Every aspect of our everyday lives is powered by digital experiences.

Digital technology has made life more comfortable and more accessible. Naturally, Americans want the same experience during their move. To understand this in-depth, we surveyed over 300 Americans planning to relocate within the next two years. 50% of Americans surveyed said they choose to move with a professional moving company for comfort and peace of mind.

For that to happen, the expectations they reveal in the survey are aligning with how they engage with other businesses like restaurants, grocery stores, banks, doctors offices and more.

Let’s dig into the results.

Seamless Digital Experience is Essential:

70% of Americans said a seamless digital experience is important.

Moving companies with user-friendly digital booking, tracking, and communication platforms will likely enjoy higher customer satisfaction, positive word-of-mouth, and glowing reviews.

What are the important touch points for a seamless digital experience?

This is a good starting point for moving companies.

Real-time GPS tracking of the truck takes the number one spot. It’s no surprise as this is the experience Americans get daily with other transportation services like ride-share and delivery apps.

While GPS tracking and online booking are the most-wanted digital touch points, the others follow so closely behind. This means an end-to-end moving operating system or all-in-one moving software solution can enable you to check off these boxes.

The Decline of Pen and Paper

The trend is clear: digital is the way forward. Pen-and-paper methods will soon be outdated.

While Gen X and older prefer paper documents, Millennials and Gen Z prefer digital documents. The preference will be more robust as more Millenials and Gen Z plan their moves.

As younger generations become the majority of your moving customers, their preference of digital documentation will be required to remain competitive.

Generational Preferences in Digital Adoption

We just saw how preferences can vary across generations and impact your moving company’s investment in digital technology. While it's clear that the tide is turning towards digital solutions, there's a fascinating intersection of preferences among different age groups.

This impacts when and how Americans search for a moving company, what they look for when choosing it, and how they think about pricing. We have covered all of these these insights in our report here.

It’s safe to say that embracing digital solutions is critical to future-proofing your moving business. Check how Naglee Moving & Storage used digitization to improve their operations:


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