Top AI Tools for Moving Companies to Try

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April 26, 2024
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Top AI Tools for Moving Companies to Try

Top AI Tools for Moving Companies to Try

As the dust settles on last year's AI storm, ChatGPT is just one of hundreds of powerful tools in the game. There's an AI-powered solution to nearly every business efficiency problem.

Using the right tool in the bustling moving industry can set your company apart. AI offers exciting possibilities, from streamlining operations to enhancing customer service.

AI can automate bookings, optimise routes, assist you on sales calls, and easily create content for your social media channels.

Let’s check some of the top tools you should try this year:

AI Tools for Office Administration:

  • Fireflies: This AI intuitive meeting assistant records and transcribes meetings, calls, audio files, and more. You can also search for and narrow down specific topics, allowing you to review a two-hour meeting in less than five minutes. It's useful for when you join internal meetings, webinars, or virtual events so you don't have to take notes.
  • Clockwise: Clockwise’s AI technology works to create more time for you and your team. This platform syncs calendars, schedules meetings and events, and organises daily and weekly time blocks. It also sends you analytics on your production and how you spend your time on the clock
  • KeeperTax (US) or ReInvestWealth (CAN & US): AI software to manage your tax deductions, filings, bookkeeping, and access to round-the-clock tax experts

AI Tools for Sales:

  • Supermove AI Sales Copilot: Exclusively made for moving and storage companies to convert more sales calls into booked jobs. It’s an end-to-end phone software, powered by AI for transcribing and summarizing calls, real-time call coaching, objection handling, upsell prompting, and AI-generated follow-ups for you to review and send.

           You can use it on mobile when you're driving or on-the-go, or in the office on your desktop.

Watch a quick product video to see how it works:

  • Calendly AI tools (for Sales): Mainly used for scheduling meetings, the upcoming AI tool will help the team drive more results by automating the process. This will allow the sales team to engage with more prospects, get buy-in, and close more deals.

AI Tools for Marketing:

  • Opus Clips: This tool uses AI to help create engaging video content for social media platforms. The free version allows you to create content for up to 60 minutes. JK Moving’s Head of Social shared on our podcast how her 1 instagram reel reached 400,000 views. If you’d love to create reels and videos quickly, try Opus.
  • Durable: Get your business online fast, with an AI-powered website builder, brand generator, business name generator and ad writer. It also makes SEO optimization easier.
  • It is an AI tool that helps small businesses and small marketing teams easily craft high-quality content, including blog headlines, emails, social media content, web copy, and more.
  • Anyword: Anyword is a cloud-based writing tool that allows users to create, test, and optimize marketing copy with the help of artificial intelligence.

AI Tools for Customer Service & Support

AI Tool for Moving & Truck Operations:

Embracing AI can significantly enhance operations and customer service. Just get started with one tool or free versions, and consider more advanced solutions as you grow. AI can be a valuable part of your business strategy.




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