The 8 Best Automations Every Moving Company Should Set Up

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April 26, 2024
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Top 8 automations for moving companies

The Best Automations Every Moving Company Should Set Up (But Likely Haven't)

Running a moving company is a relentless balancing act. The sheer volume of tasks can overwhelm even the most seasoned pros. 

But there is a solution for that.

Automation is enabling every industry today, and that includes moving too. You no longer have to do those repetitive tasks for every lead, customer and crews. Yes, we're talking follow up emails, text updates, quote reminders, and more. 

It’s finally time to set it and forget it.

We’ve identified the top automations that will you save hours every single day, while also generating more business. If you have these in place, you're already ahead of your local competition

Whether you're a small and mighty company or a large household brand, these automations are a must-have.

1. Fast Response to Inquiries & Leads

Speed is the name of the game when it comes to converting a lead. The first company to respond to leads will win 35-50% of sales. According to more studies on the topic, this number may exceed 78%. That initial response sets potential clients' expectations, so you want to set the stage.

Send an automatic email to a lead that has filled out a form on your website requesting a quote. It's important to get your name in front of your potential customers as quickly as possible, after they have filled out a lead form. 

Missing that ideal five-minute mark by a minute could cause you to lose a high-paying client. And if you don’t respond at all, Website Builder states that 30% of shoppers will go directly to your competitor.

But it’s no easy feat to respond to customer inquiries that fast every time. That’s where automations comes in. Use your moving software to set up an automated email to all lead inquiries, and customize these responses to include accolades about your moving company like star reviews, testimonials, or why your movers are the best.

Here's an email template for that:


Thank you for reaching out to {COMPANY_NAME}. We have received your inquiry, and are busy preparing your quote to share with you soon.

Moving can be quite the ordeal, we get it! That's why our team is here to make it as stress-free as possible for you.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team will walk you through every step and provide top-notch moving services tailored to your needs.

Thanks for thinking of us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,



2. Text Message Reminders to Crew Members Before Move Day

It may be helpful to re-confirm with each of your movers that they are still available for their jobs the next day. To avoid doing this manually, an automation can be set up in your moving software to streamline the process. 

Every time you assign a crew member to each job in your moving CRM, they will receive an automatic text message X days before job to remind them of their upcoming assignment. You set what X days looks like for your moving company, whether you want that reminder the day before or 5 days before.

Just set it up once, and let the automation do the work.

Here's a text message / SMS template for that:

REMINDER: You're scheduled for service tomorrow. You can double-check your start time by viewing your schedule on the calendar. If you're unable to work, please call the Office as soon as possible.

3. Pre-Move Email to Customers for Preparation

To help your customer prepare for their upcoming move, it’s beneficial for you and the customer to automate an email to send a few days before the move, to reconfirm details and outline expectations.

This is the best opportunity to include moving day checklists and prep guides so your customers know what to expect and be prepared for when your crew shows up.

Here's an email template for that:


I’m checking in to see if there’s anything else we can do to make sure your move is as smooth as possible tomorrow.

If anything has changed since the original quote, please let me know and I’ll get it updated. I also want to confirm your contact information so that our team is prepared on move day:






If anything is not correct above, let me know and I’ll update it.

Now, a few Pro-Tips for Move Day:

- Have a plan for where you want your items placed at the destination so the team can efficiently load and unload the truck

- Make sure the truck can park as close to the location as possible

- Be sure to note any difficulties, such as stairs or long driveways, so that our Athlete Movers can arrive with a plan to maximize time and efficiency.

- Designate a person in charge of directing our Movers. Mixed direction can cause confusion and delays.

And again, if you have any questions prior I’m here to help!

Thank you,


4. Move Anniversary Check-In Email

One of the easiest ways to rebook your customers is to stay top of mind with them, and do so at the most opportunistic time. What better time to reach out to them than when they approach 1 year since you helped them move, especially for your rental clients? 

Set up an automation to send customers a check-in email 7 months after their move day. 

According to the Moving Experience Report, customers plan their move within 3 months of their move date, so that is the perfect time to reach out.

Here's an email template for that:


Can you believe you’re already approaching 1 year since we helped you with your move? Time really does fly!

We hope the past year has treated you well and that you're feeling settled in your new home. It was a pleasure being a part of your relocation journey, and we sincerely hope our services made your transition smoother.

Whether you're planning another move soon or down the road, our experienced team is here to make it as stress-free as possible.

Thanks for choosing us for your last move, and remember, we're always here for you if you need us again.

Warm regards,


Expecting customers to come back to you on their own isn’t going to ensure you win the job again. Set up an automation and let your systems do the hard work for you.

5. Ask for a Review After the Move

The best time to ask for a review is immediately after a move is complete, especially when you are still top of mind for the customer. Set up an automated email or text message in your moving software asking the customer for their feedback and include the links to your review sites.

If you’re concerned about automation generating bad reviews, there’s another approach you could take.

For happy customers, direct them to your Google My Business, Yelp or Facebook page to generate a 5-star review.

For unhappy customers, direct them to submit an email to your team.

Here's an email template for that:


Thank you for choosing {COMPANY_NAME} for your recent Moving or Storage related project! There are a lot of choices out there, so we really appreciate any opportunity we get to serve you.

In our business, your feedback really matters. We take our customer reviews seriously, so please take a moment to let us know how we did!

We are happy with our move. {insert review site link}

We are unhappy with our move. {insert email link}

Thanks again and we look forward to helping you with the next move!

Thank you,



And the {COMPANY_NAME} team!

6. Reminder to Accept & Sign Quote

How often do customers accept your quote upon the first send? Most don’t. It takes a couple of reminders, but that’s manual effort on your end.

To avoid having to do this manually each time, automations can help sign more quotes faster.

It may be helpful to send a reminder email to your customer(s) if they haven't accepted their quote after 24 hours, and then another reminder every two days until they sign. 

Here's an email template for that:


This is {SALESPERSON_NAME} with {COMPANY_NAME}, I'm reaching out regarding the quote we sent you.

Could you accept and sign the quote as soon as possible so we can book your move?

If anything looks incorrect or if you have further questions, please let me know ASAP via phone or email.



7. Confirmation Email With More Services

One of the easiest ways to increase your total revenue is by increasing the sale price of every move. You can do that by offering more services you can deliver like packing, furniture assembly, storage, junk removal and others to help your customer’s move feel more stress-free. 

You can also offer valuation coverage as an add-on to provide your clients with peace of mind and trust that their belongings are protected.

It’s a win-win scenario because you earn more revenue, and it’s one less service your customer needs to worry about doing themselves or hiring another company for.

Set up an automated email to your customer after they officially sign their contract with a confirmation email that includes your list of additional services.

Here's an email template for that:


Awesome — your move is confirmed with {companyname}!

We look forward to being a part of your special day, and assure you that we will do our part to make it stress-free.

In case you aren’t aware, we support customers with end-to-end services on moving day like:

  • Packing & Unpacking
  • Furniture Disassembly & Assembly
  • Storage
  • Junk Removal
  • Valuation Coverage

Let us know if you need help in any of these areas too. We’re happy to be of service!



8. Move Day Text Message with ETA

On the day of the move, automate a text message to the customer that it’s their big day and you’re going to be there soon. If your moving software allows you to, including an estimated time of arrival (ETA) would also enhance your customer experience.

Bonus: Share a link that can track their truck's movement to the destination, similar to ride sharing and deliver apps. You can learn more about how truck gps tracking can benefit your company and the customer.

Here's a text message / SMS template for that:

It’s moving day! We are en route to come and help you make this day as easy as possible. 

Here’s a link you can follow to see our ETA. 

And that's a wrap. If you have these automations in place, you're already ahead of most of your local competition. These will help you increase your booking rate, grow your revenue per every move and get you more 5-star reviews.

Watch and learn how you can set these up easily in Supermove:




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