What are integrated payments and how can they benefit movers?

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March 6, 2023
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Integrated payments

Moving is a low-margin business, so being able to accept and process customer payments efficiently is pretty key to maintaining a healthy cash flow. This used to be easier when the industry was heavily cash-based, but more and more consumers are opting to use credit cards for large purchases, like moving. 

This is where payment processors come in. An integrated payments system lets you accept payments within your existing operational system. It’s automated and provides a smooth payment and accounting experience for you and your customers. 

How do integrated payments benefit movers?

When you use all-in-one moving software like Supermove which comes with an integrated payments solution, you get the benefit of a day-to-day operational system and a system of record, all in one.

Running your business and accepting payments in a single platform saves you time and money since you don’t have to manually input financial information. And because you’re not relying on people to manually input information, it also tends to lead to fewer errors as well.

Keep reading for four more reasons integrated payments are better than cash, cheques, or third-party payment providers for movers.

1. Keep more of what you make

Do you know what rate you’re paying for your current third-party payment provider? It could be higher than you think, and those rates can add up fast and end up costing you thousands per year. When you work with a moving software vendor that also offers payments, you get access to transparent, competitive pricing that can save you big in the long run.

2. Keep your financial information safe

The safety of your and your customer's financial information is paramount. Using an integrated payment system from a trusted software vendor gives you access to their security expertise as well. All modern integrated payment systems are encrypted and follow industry requirements to keep your data safe and completely Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant. This is far more secure than carrying around cash and cheques. It’s also a significantly better option than calling in a customer’s credit card on the job, or worse, writing their credit card number down to input in the system later. An integrated payment system helps make sure you get paid and stay compliant with all regulations.

3. Get better visibility into finances

Moving software with integrated payments helps you keep track of all your financial transactions and get a better understanding of your cash flow. Because payments are logged automatically and don’t need to be inputted manually, your system is more up-to-date and you’ll have fewer reporting errors, giving you a much more accurate view of your finances.

4. Create a better customer experience

An integrated payments solution lets you accept more payment methods, and gives your customers the flexibility they expect. Many businesses went cashless over the COVID-19 pandemic, and consumers have followed suit and stopped carrying cash and cheques. People expect to be able to use credit cards to pay for goods and services, including moving, so being able to offer that option for your customers is key for growth.

What is Supermove Payments?

Supermove Payments is the easiest way to run your business and accept payments through a single, integrated platform. Our all-in-one moving software now has built-in payments so you can save money with better rates, keep all your financial information in one simple, integrated system, and create a more effortless, more cohesive customer experience by accepting payments through Supermove.

Contact us today to learn more.




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