Why you should invest in moving management software

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January 30, 2023
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why you should invest in software

Great news! Your business is growing– you’re managing more moves than ever and bringing on new people and new trucks to support the growth. 

But have you thought of how you’re going to support your team with scalable systems and processes? 

We know that most moving companies run on either pen and paper, Excel, or homegrown systems. And these systems can work, especially when you’re just starting out. But if your goal is growth (and as a business owner, isn’t your goal always growth?) getting the right systems in place early on can be the difference between a business boom or bust.

Luckily, modern moving software is more available than ever. We know that buying a new system (especially during busy season!) can seem like a serious undertaking. Not only does it require an investment of time and money, but shifting away from how you’ve always done it can seem overwhelming. 

However, making the shift is never as difficult as it seems, and the benefits that you get from investing in moving company software also make it well worth it— the software effectively pays for itself. 

Why invest in SaaS software?

In this article we’re going to dive into the benefits of software for moving companies and why it’s never too early to invest. We’re going to focus on software as a service (also called SaaS or cloud-based software). For a breakdown of different types of moving software– namely SaaS vs homegrown systems– check out our article here.


SaaS software for moving companies is built to scale, growing with your business and allowing you to increase lead conversion, improve margins, and increase average contract value. Use the software to:

  • Easily add users and trucks as your business grows.
  • Get visibility into your performance with reporting.
  • Eliminate math mistakes resulting from  mislabeled pricing, billing errors, missing overnight charges, missing malleable charges, or other clerical and admin errors).

Improved customer experiences and reputation 

We know that moving companies live and die by their reputation and boosting your brand by creating great customer experiences is likely top of mind. Software can help maintain your great reputation in a few ways: 

  • Capturing, processing, and following up with leads quickly and easily
  • Digitally managing estimates, quotes, and all client communication
  • Getting customer sign-off on quotes, etc., with e-signatures
  • Giving your customers visibility into where their stuff is on move day
  • Enabling easy payment right in the app
  • Setting up automatic email triggers asking for a review once a move is complete

Get hours back in your week with better organization and efficiency 

There are a thousand different ways that moving management software helps you save time on your day-to-day tasks: Digital calendars, estimates, bills of lading, inventory sheets, and more make it easy to complete admin in minutes instead of hours. These systems will also help you schedule automated move reminders for customers and crew and keep all your business info accessible and searchable anytime, anywhere. 

Saving seconds or minutes per task might seem like peanuts initially, but all this can add up to a few hours a day. Some Supermove customers are saving 2-3 hours per day using the system. This kind of time-saving frees you up to tackle the bigger and better projects that you should be focusing on as a business owner.

Security and availability

Keeping all of your records on paper or even on a local network comes with major business risks. A fire or flood can wipe out paper records and unless you’re an IT expert, there are always security risks that come with storing data locally. SaaS moving software stores your information securely in the cloud. This has two significant benefits: Your vendor manages security (and will have security experts on staff to manage it properly) plus your data is always available, anywhere from any device. 

Cost savings

While revenue growth is key, a few cost savings never hurt either. With software, you’ll save on paper costs, hiring, and having to correct math mistakes like billing errors and missing overnight chargers, and other clerical errors that can cost your company thousands of dollars. SaaS moving management software is especially great for cost savings as you’ll largely avoid upfront bulk payments associated with homegrown systems. 

Ease of use

A big part of growth and scale is making sure the systems that support your business are easy to learn for everyone. Having a wicked filing system is no good to anyone if your office manager is the only person who can use it. The same goes for software– if you have a homegrown system that requires IT expertise to navigate, it’s not going to be a good solution in the long run. 

Instead, look for SaaS moving software that’s intuitive and easy to use for everyone on your team, from movers to the back office. That way, you can be confident you’re capturing all the information you need to get a full picture of your business performance.

Constant innovation

Your business is growing and changing all the time, so it just makes sense to get a system that can keep up with you. Cloud-based moving software vendors are constantly working with movers like you to understand what updates and new features need to be built. This innovation is part of the package when you choose to partner with a SaaS vendor and will keep you ahead of the curve (and ahead of your competitors).

A network of support

When you buy software you also buy into a whole network of support. Moving software vendors like Supermove offer everything from help center articles and webinars with industry experts to a dedicated customer success representative, and 24/7 technical support. We even host industry roundtables which can be a great opportunity to connect with other business owners and chat about trends, challenges, and opportunities, and share ideas and advice. 

Conclusion: Moving software is an investment in your business growth

Whether you’re a small business just starting to ramp up or a 50-truck operation looking for double-digit growth, getting great, user-friendly software is key to hitting your business goals. Not only can it help you find efficiency in your business, grow revenue, and create a better customer experience, but partnering with a software vendor also gets you access to the expertise, support, and network that you need to crush your goals and build a successful business in the long term.

Want to learn more?

Are you ready to grow your business in 2023? Chat with a Supermove expert today to learn how we can help.




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